Wearing: Lola May Playsuit, Fallen Broken Street Sailor Cap, Maypole Design Necklace

Happy 3rd day of April!

I honestly can not believe how quickly the year is going! It is flying by, with the first school term almost coming to an end. Wooahh! It is crazy to think where this year has gone but so exciting to think where it is going. There is no way that I would have known that I would be doing this amazing collaboration at the start of this year. And what fun i

Anyway, welcome to ‘MAYPOLE X RENEENOTRENAE | no. 2’. We have another special one today, featuring Maypole’s Limited Edition ‘Ziggy Pom Pom Necklace’. I have absolutely fallen in love with this necklace! The denim details and pom poms can finish off any outfit perfectly. So, quickly jump over to Maypole Design before they run out!

Make sure to follow @maypoledesign on Instagram to keep updated on their amazing products!

Have a very fun week!

Renee xx




The Glorious City of Melbourne

Luna Park 

Just me inhaling donuts..


Melbourne street art is so cute!!


The city of Melbourne is a glorious place filled with glorious moments!

(Really loving that word, ‘glorious’.)

Last weekend, (or was it the weekend before?), I was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne over the weekend for the Moomba Festival. During my time in Melbourne I spent my days wondering the streets of Melbourne’s inner city and banks of the Yarra River. With a family packed with enthusiastic water skiers, e.g. dad and my brother, we sat by the waters edge watching the World Champions do their thing. It was incredible to see some amazing skiing over the duration of the weekend, with a big shout out to all that competed in the sweet event. Along with the skiing my sister and I made a good effort to get to the skating during the Moomba Festival. Wait… did I say skating? I meant Starbucks. The festival was packed full of some great little events including the skiing, skating and I couldn’t forget the Birdman Rally! But, boy, I wouldn’t want to be jumping in to the Yarra!

Another festival happening whilst I was in Melbourne was the VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival). Although, I didn’t get to the festival, the shows looked all very successful, with some incredible labels making an appearance. VAMFF is now officially on my bucket list*.

After my quick trip to Melbourne I can not wait to go back to the glorious city to explore some more!

*Check out the page titled ‘Bucket List’. This is where I will be ticking off all the adventures and experiences that I want to do before I die!

Happy Easter!

Renee x



Wearing: Madison Square Clothing Top, Maypole Designs Necklace, Vans Shoes, Akelius Shorts

Here it is! The collaboration we have all been waiting for, MAYPOLE X RENEENOTRENAE.

How good are these necklaces from Maypole Design? Maisie, the owner of Maypole Designs, and I have come together to bring to you this exciting collaboration. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more content as this is only part 1 of an exciting 3 part series.

First up, we have started with quite a summer-y little outfit featuring Maypole’s Harlo Three Tassel Necklace in Black. Paired back with the cutest top evaaa from Madison Square Clothing and some high waisted suede shorts. You can never go wrong with the minimalist style of this necklace. In my opinion, this necklace of Maypole’s can be matched with anything that you have in your wardrobe.

Check back over the next few weeks for more shoots on our collaboration! There is some good stuff coming. You’ll want to stick around!

(With a lazy casual day tomorrow, I can not wait to get up and  chuck my uggys on ahahah)

Have a good week! + get excited for too much chocolate over the easter weekend.

Renee x

World’s Greatest Shave

If you haven’t heard already I am participating in the 2016 World’s Greatest Shave!

Making the decision to potentially shave my head was an exciting and nerve racking one. Shaving my head for an amazing cause is something that I have always wanted to do, however over the past few weeks it has constantly been in my mind, to make the chop. Now it is finally happening!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.02.14 PM

If you were to ask me why I have decided to shave my head for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave, I would simply not be able to give you an answer. I am unsure as to why I have wanted to do this deed but when I ask myself ‘why not?’, I have no objections.

Did you know that today alone 34 Australians were told that they have blood cancer? By making donation we can help give practical and emotional support to patients and families affected by cancer. Together we can change the inevitable fate of cancer.

The date of the shave is still to be confirmed, although the hair that is being shaven will be donated to Variety – The Children’s Charity. My hair will go towards creating a wig for children who may not be able to grow hair after having cancer or various other diseases.

Lets make a difference. Donate today at

Renee xx




After a couple weeks of being absent, I am back and hopefully with way, way more content. I have been settling into boarding school over the past couple of weeks with little chance to produce new and exciting looks. Now I am ready for the challenge of balancing all of the amazing aspects of my life; including school, a social life and this opportunity to a creative outlet.

Also looking forward to doing more collaborations, throughout the coming year. Yyaayy!!

I have been loving this black skinny scarf in this outfit. Yet again, it gives my look a 70s vibe. I just can’t get enough! I think that these scarfs are so versatile. You can wear them a range of different ways, so definitely worth the purchase. I also love the Poppy Lissiman purse that is featuring (shoutout to Charlotte for gifting me with it. I adore it!!). It adds so much more ‘punk rock’ to my ‘sweet pink’ cami.

Keep smiling!

@reneenotrenee xxx






Wearing: Here Comes The Sun jumper/top, Vintage skirt, Knee High Boots via Myer

First week of year 11. Check.

After 6 weeks of build up I have finally started school again. It is so exciting to begin a fresh year of school, never knowing what the year may hold. With a new year of schooling comes a new year of opportunities and experiences, that I am so excited for. Since last checking in, I have settled into my new home for the next two years. Sharing a place with 53 other girls (sisters) has been so much fun. I have to be honest with you, it really doesn’t feel like I have come to boarding school, for school. ahahha, sorry mum. It has been all play and no work!.. oops!

Taking inspiration straight from the 70s, I paired knee high boots with the most perfect vintage suede skirt. I love the classic 70s vibes (as you could props already tell from recent post aha)). ..Another reason I should start watching Puberty Blues… I’VE HEARD ITS GOOD!!

Have an epic week!

Renee x




After having the chance to interview the epic Bella Mamas from Bones Styling, I would love to share what she said with you guys!

Bella started her blog a few years back now, but has made huge progress whilst working and interacting with major influencers including @shelbyhamilton and @aishajade. With a unique style and a crazy cute Instagram, no wonder everyone is obsessing over her!


  • Tell us about yourself

Hello my name is Bella and I am 16 from Sydney. I love exercising and run every morning before school, yet cheesecake is still my biggest weakness. I am attracted to anything that is sparkly and colourful, hence the reason my wardrobe looks like rainbow vomit. I’m not a very exciting person, honestly as I write this I’m struggling to think of anything about myself. When I leave high school I would love to pursue a career in fashion journalism, and hopefully adding in some freelance styling! Also I’m really bad at card games!

  • Where can we find you online and on social media?

Tumblr: bonesblogger

Instagram: bella.mamas



  • What was the reason behind starting your blog?

At the time, I think I was 13, I was really struggling to fit in with my peers at school and I wanted to find a creative release that combined my love of writing and wacky clothes (I had some pretty strange pieces at the time). A few people at the time encouraged me to start my website, and after a while I gave it a go and I have really enjoyed it since

  • If you could go anywhere in the world (or galaxy!), where would it be?

Oh my, I think I would definitely to go into space if I had the option, but if I was keeping it to a more realistic location I would love to go to Japan, America, Cuba and back to Paris.

  • And if you had to pick one item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My gold sparkly skirt from Gorman xx

Bones Blogger.jpg

Thank you to Bella for taking part in this little series! Go check out her blog >>> Bones Styling. You sure won’t be disappointed!!!!!

Renee x