The Glorious City of Melbourne

Luna Park 

Just me inhaling donuts..


Melbourne street art is so cute!!


The city of Melbourne is a glorious place filled with glorious moments!

(Really loving that word, ‘glorious’.)

Last weekend, (or was it the weekend before?), I was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne over the weekend for the Moomba Festival. During my time in Melbourne I spent my days wondering the streets of Melbourne’s inner city and banks of the Yarra River. With a family packed with enthusiastic water skiers, e.g. dad and my brother, we sat by the waters edge watching the World Champions do their thing. It was incredible to see some amazing skiing over the duration of the weekend, with a big shout out to all that competed in the sweet event. Along with the skiing my sister and I made a good effort to get to the skating during the Moomba Festival. Wait… did I say skating? I meant Starbucks. The festival was packed full of some great little events including the skiing, skating and I couldn’t forget the Birdman Rally! But, boy, I wouldn’t want to be jumping in to the Yarra!

Another festival happening whilst I was in Melbourne was the VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival). Although, I didn’t get to the festival, the shows looked all very successful, with some incredible labels making an appearance. VAMFF is now officially on my bucket list*.

After my quick trip to Melbourne I can not wait to go back to the glorious city to explore some more!

*Check out the page titled ‘Bucket List’. This is where I will be ticking off all the adventures and experiences that I want to do before I die!

Happy Easter!

Renee x

Temporary Sydney Sider





Over the last few days I have been adventuring through Sydney like a dog off a leash. I am over in Sydney from South Australia visiting my sister, Stacey, with the fam. We have been hanging out, driving around Sydney pretending we are from Western Australia in our hire car. But all is well, in Sydney’s Bondi.

We arrived on Thursday, just after the ARIAs begun so we didn’t get to go and see them, however we still had lots of fun exploring a new Chinese restaurant. I might add, watching a whole duck being cut up was not so pleasant.

Waking up Friday, feeling fresh, the zoo sounded like the perfect escape. We drove to the zoo in hope the rain would hold out, and luckily it did. I had so much fun, walking around the zoo looking like a 5 year-old in my pinafore!! Ahaha I don’t think anybody realises how comfy they are!! Following our visit to the zoo, my family and I headed to the near by suburb of Manly. The peaceful streets and soothing sound of the waves slowly eased the pain in my aching feet. I was surrounded by beautiful sights and even better food. We ended up eating dinner with an ocean view and great company.

Saturday began with a trip down to Bondi Beach. With my brother and dad off surfing, my sister, mum and I were left to burn to crisp. The water was far to cold for me;hehe!! And let there be a lesson here. Put sunscreen on EVERYWHERE, because I didn’t put on sunscreen on one little spot and guess where I’m hurting?? That one little spot! So regretting it now. Our day ended with a spectacular view of Darling Harbour as we enjoyed a variety of delicious meals. We then took a ferry around to the Bridge and Opera house, strolled around a bit and grabbed some N2 (ice-cream) before watching the fireworks burst over the city of Sydney.

Today we had a slow start to the day. As my brother and dad went to see the Aus X Open Supercross, my mum, sister and I headed for the mall. After tackling most of the mall, we headed back to my sister’s place for a little chill out sesh! We finished off the weekend with some Mexican down by the beach, but we just couldn’t forget the ice cream.

I had so much fun adventuring around the ins and outs of Sydney’s best. No doubt I am coming back ASAP.

Renee x


Fun fun fun


Fun Fun Fun1

Fun fun fun2

Over the weekend I had an absolute blast. Now back home for some more relaxing, ahah! School holidays for one more week, until I jump right back in for the last term of the year. Super excited for my last term, before going to school in the city next year.

Anyways, the long weekend was so much fun. The markets were lots of fun. There was so much fresh produce and super cute stalls. Couldn’t help but get a vibrant green juice and a Vegemite scroll to munch on. Where the markets were held there were also some really great shop. I found a vintage store that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. Maybe I could do a little post on what I got?

The beach where we were staying was also so so lovely. We go for bike rides down to the shore every day, jumping in for a swim and some times a little boogie board session. It all turned out to be such a great weekend and did I mention I had awesome company.

Hoping for so many more memories this summer!

Renee x

Hello world!

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Hello, I am Renee and I am started this blog just for a bit of fun. Have seen so many amazing blogs and thought it would be fun to join the community.

I am hoping that I can share with you my love for adventure and fun. Not sure what to except but I am hoping that this will be fun.

Renee Not Renae x