The Glorious City of Melbourne

Luna Park 

Just me inhaling donuts..


Melbourne street art is so cute!!


The city of Melbourne is a glorious place filled with glorious moments!

(Really loving that word, ‘glorious’.)

Last weekend, (or was it the weekend before?), I was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne over the weekend for the Moomba Festival. During my time in Melbourne I spent my days wondering the streets of Melbourne’s inner city and banks of the Yarra River. With a family packed with enthusiastic water skiers, e.g. dad and my brother, we sat by the waters edge watching the World Champions do their thing. It was incredible to see some amazing skiing over the duration of the weekend, with a big shout out to all that competed in the sweet event. Along with the skiing my sister and I made a good effort to get to the skating during the Moomba Festival. Wait… did I say skating? I meant Starbucks. The festival was packed full of some great little events including the skiing, skating and I couldn’t forget the Birdman Rally! But, boy, I wouldn’t want to be jumping in to the Yarra!

Another festival happening whilst I was in Melbourne was the VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival). Although, I didn’t get to the festival, the shows looked all very successful, with some incredible labels making an appearance. VAMFF is now officially on my bucket list*.

After my quick trip to Melbourne I can not wait to go back to the glorious city to explore some more!

*Check out the page titled ‘Bucket List’. This is where I will be ticking off all the adventures and experiences that I want to do before I die!

Happy Easter!

Renee x

World’s Greatest Shave

If you haven’t heard already I am participating in the 2016 World’s Greatest Shave!

Making the decision to potentially shave my head was an exciting and nerve racking one. Shaving my head for an amazing cause is something that I have always wanted to do, however over the past few weeks it has constantly been in my mind, to make the chop. Now it is finally happening!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 8.02.14 PM

If you were to ask me why I have decided to shave my head for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave, I would simply not be able to give you an answer. I am unsure as to why I have wanted to do this deed but when I ask myself ‘why not?’, I have no objections.

Did you know that today alone 34 Australians were told that they have blood cancer? By making donation we can help give practical and emotional support to patients and families affected by cancer. Together we can change the inevitable fate of cancer.

The date of the shave is still to be confirmed, although the hair that is being shaven will be donated to Variety – The Children’s Charity. My hair will go towards creating a wig for children who may not be able to grow hair after having cancer or various other diseases.

Lets make a difference. Donate today at

Renee xx




Wearing: Vintage Bon Jovi tee, thrifted hat and sunglasses, Ksubi overalls, Diana Ferrari sandals, Necklace via The Iconic

The holidays are coming and going so quickly. It is as if I can’t keep up. With only 5 weeks left, I want to get the most out of my free time and regular sleep ins!

What I am most excited about is the new year! The new year is a great time to sit down and think about the awesome things that  you have achieved in the past year and what you want to achieve in the next year. I totally agree when people say you can start chasing your goals and dreams whenever you want, but who doesn’t love a clean palette. When I think of a new year, I think of it’s purity. I think of it as clean canvas just waiting to be painted on, and I want every spot to be covered with colours. I wonder what will happen in 2016… I hope its good!

I have to be honest I have done pretty much nothing today ahahah! Mum and I tried making banana bread and carrot ‘bacon’. Key word: TRIED. They so did not work, but you learn from your mistakes, I guess aha.


Renee x

Christmas Loving

After a day filled with gift giving and far too much food, I have to say, it may take my some time to recover from my food coma ahah. I had a fun day surrounded by family. We played games we all sucked at and played with new toys, both big and small. Oh christmas is so fun.. Just 364 days to go!!!!!

Over the day I was blessed with some amazing gifts. So thankful for the good and the bad in my life, for they have taught me so many useful lessons.





Please, Santa?

With christmas fast approaching and a great bunch of products on the market, I am not going to lie, my list for Santa is becoming quite extensive. Sorry Santa! Even though I could go on about what I would like, here are just a few things that would be amazing to receive.

Santa, Please?

//1. The Little Dictionary of Fashion. Although this gem of a book has been around for a while now, it still holds all the secrets to fashion success.

//2. I mean who doesn’t want a giant swan to float on.

//3. These shoes have been on my wish list for so long now, but when ever I go to purchase them, they are always sold out!! Ahhh so annoying. I am determined to get them.

I seriously can not wait for christmas! What I am most excited for is experiencing a white christmas, one day!

Seasons Greeting

Renee x

Schools Out

Last Friday marked my last at a school that I have been attending for three years. After moving from primary school to high school, I have learnt many great things. However, now I think that it is time to transition. At the start of next year I will start a new chapter of my life, at a new school. With high stakes and a very little comfort zone, I will be entering what there call ‘boarding school’. Yes, that is right! I am moving to boarding school. The thought of moving away from home both excites and scares me an unbelievable amount. It is going to be one of the great changes in my life, that I am so thankful for. Moving from the rural to urban Australia is going to be hectic, but with so many awesome opportunities. I can not wait for ‘My Great Big Adventure!’

I’ll keep you updated :))

Renee x