Over recent years Byron Bay have been known for their effortlessly cool and beachy vibes. The laid-back attitude coming from the small costal town in New South Wales makes it impossible not to fall in love with. In the lead up to my visit to Byron Bay in August, I have been obsessing over the bohemian style clothing seen there. Spotted amongst the chaos in Byron Bay are influencers such Mimi Elashiry, Cartia Mallan and model, Ingrid Wiliams.

Inspired by the these influencers, I have concluded that the ultimate Byron Bay uniform is a classic graphic tee and wide leg pants (Bonus points if they are denim)! Minimal accessories have been added however, I paired some brown mules to a make the outfit just a little bit more wearable!

In other exciting news, it is school holidays! Super exciting, so remember to add me on snapchat (@reneenotrenae) to follow me on all my little adventures!

Spread love.

Renee xx




Nice to see you again..

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to attend work experience at Australian Fashion Labels (AFL). For you who don’t know, AFL are responsible for creating labels such as C/MEO, The Fifth, Finders Keepers, and Keepsake. During my time there, I got to met some incredible people, doing some amazing things. They were designing and shooting, and it was all so much fun!! The atmosphere was great to be amongst!

Over the week, I was able to see what goes on behind the scenes of a ‘home grown’ fashion brand. An opportunity alike should never be dismissed.

Spread love.

Renee xx

Work Experience Essentials

April Picks/ Favourites

April Picks.Wishlist

Hello hello,

What a wild week it has been. Lounging around, doing not much at all… Just relaxing before the reality of another term sets in. With the month of May around the corner, I thought why not feature an ‘April Picks/ Favourites’ this week on the blog. Here it is! 5 picks from my April favourites!

//1. With winter approaching, I have been on the hunt for the perfect outwear, which is when I stumble crossed Hatrik Vintage. It is where old meets new, and denim meets sequins. I instantly fell in love with these vintage denim jackets, custom made to have your very own design on them. Check out their website for some sweet vintage finds, and even sweeter inspiration!

//2. Continuing on with the theme of outerwear, you would think that I have been taken over by the alien race but I swear I haven’t.. It’s just that I can’t stop dreaming about these incredible faux fur coats. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be rugged up in what could be an unknown species all winter long?

//3. Caps, caps, caps. With a mere 80%-90% of my hair all gone after last weeks chop, there is no doubt that I miss being to ‘chuck my hair up’. As a result I have been loving caps. I can’t seem to get enough of them! (Be sure to let me know if you know where to find the ultimate cap!)

//4. Ingrid Williams. Enough said. Home grown model, Ingrid Williams is killing it locally and internationally with having worked with some great designers, such as Dion Lee and Karen Walker. And… Did I mention her style is impeccable? Go check out her insta for the latest. > @ingridwillo

//5. Peel the avocado, peel the avocadoooooooooo. Since being home I been devouring these babies. Whilst being away from home I have begun to see the beauty in a home cooked meal and a good avo! (Thanks Mum!!!!)

Sending Love,

Renee xx


The Glorious City of Melbourne

Luna Park 

Just me inhaling donuts..


Melbourne street art is so cute!!


The city of Melbourne is a glorious place filled with glorious moments!

(Really loving that word, ‘glorious’.)

Last weekend, (or was it the weekend before?), I was fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne over the weekend for the Moomba Festival. During my time in Melbourne I spent my days wondering the streets of Melbourne’s inner city and banks of the Yarra River. With a family packed with enthusiastic water skiers, e.g. dad and my brother, we sat by the waters edge watching the World Champions do their thing. It was incredible to see some amazing skiing over the duration of the weekend, with a big shout out to all that competed in the sweet event. Along with the skiing my sister and I made a good effort to get to the skating during the Moomba Festival. Wait… did I say skating? I meant Starbucks. The festival was packed full of some great little events including the skiing, skating and I couldn’t forget the Birdman Rally! But, boy, I wouldn’t want to be jumping in to the Yarra!

Another festival happening whilst I was in Melbourne was the VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival). Although, I didn’t get to the festival, the shows looked all very successful, with some incredible labels making an appearance. VAMFF is now officially on my bucket list*.

After my quick trip to Melbourne I can not wait to go back to the glorious city to explore some more!

*Check out the page titled ‘Bucket List’. This is where I will be ticking off all the adventures and experiences that I want to do before I die!

Happy Easter!

Renee x



I am back with a little series, ‘APSIRE TO INSPIRE’. I will be talking to influential people on the blogging scene about themselves and their incredible blogs.

Nowadays there is so many amazing people doing great things on the web, including Chessie from Freshly Pickked. Chessie started her blog back in January of 2014. She has had amazing success with her Instagram and is currently returning from what looks like an incredible overseas adventure!


  • Tell us about yourself
    • My name is Chessie, I’m 17 years old and I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and an amateur youtuber! I’m a very creative person, where I find a lot of happiness in creating, designing or photographing things. I love sharing content on my Instagram ‘freshlypickked’ and of course I especially love sharing my style and lifestyle on my blog. I also am a keen horse rider and have the cutest horse named Albert 🙂
  • Where can we find you online?
    • I’ll write you a lil’ list to make it easy for you to find me :
      • Instagram – @freshlypickked
      • Blog –
      • YouTube – freshlypickked
      • Pinterest – freshlypickked
      • Facebook – freshly pickked
      • Snapchat – freshlypickked


  • What was the reason behind starting your blog?
    • Well I had my Instagram and wanted to start a space where I could share more images in the one post and be able to write more about them and so blogging seemed like the perfect thing for me to start doing. I also wanted to expand from Instagram and have a bigger platform to share my creative content.
  • If you could go any where in the world (or galaxy!), where would it be?
    • Oh my goodness, that is a hard one. I don’t think I’d want to go into the galaxy but I would quite like to go to Italy and to travel around Europe more!
  • And if you had to pick one item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    • Black jeans. Their just a staple and go with every thing!
Freshly Pickked.jpg
A little glimpse into Freshly Pickked!!

A big thank you to Chessie from Freshly Pickked for chatting. Go check her blog out! I can not wait to see what she has install for the future!
Renee x

August Picks

August Picks #1

This month has come around so fast. It has almost come and gone. But I have come to share some of my August picks. These ‘picks’ are some of my favourite items of clothing, outfits, people or even food! I am excited to bring you my ‘picks’ for each months.

// This month I have been loving neutral and earthy tones. Particularly obsessing over navy blues and that dark green, khaki colour. These promising colours in that big oversized scarf are perfect for those cold winter days and even chillier nights. It can be found on

// The classic white sneaker is having a major come back from the 90s. I have certainly been seeing a lot of Nike and Adidas. They are a staple piece that can be worn with so many items. From jeans to skirts and dresses. White sneakers are just so versatile. Who would have thought? I would have loved to get my hands on a pair of these bad boys. The Adidas Original Superstars. They are everywhere I look and I love it!

// The fringe. A full fledged fringe. It is like the best thing ever. I love it. Totally unaware of how I have falling in love with the fringe, but it is just so beautiful in such a simple way. Words can not explain.

// Lets just take a moment and check out that sweet style. The relaxed look is all that I have been dreaming about lately. The soft lines and uncomplicated pieces grab my attention, and stop my voracious scrolling through Pinterest. So much admiration…

Time for sleep. Because.. well.. I have school tomorrow. And Sydney, on Friday!! So excited for my little adventure.

Renee x

Hello August!

I can not believe that it is August already. I am not sure where July went, let alone the first half of this year. If only time could slow down so we could have some more fun. I had such a great year. Meeting new people, having new experiences. I have gained so much. Things that I have planned out are never what I thought would be possible. But I have keep persisting and I am so happy to be getting where I want to be. Not that I really know where that is but I am for ‘trial and error’.

Hello August #1

Hello August #2

Hello August #3

Hello August #4

Hello August #5

Hello August #6

Hello August #7

Hello August #8

Hello August #9

Hello August #10

I have been loving Pinterest lately. It is awesome for putting all your inspiration in the one place. When ever I need inspiration for my room, for what I am going to wear, you’ll find me on Pinterest. These pictures above are just a few things that I have been obsessed over! Check out my Pinterest! @frecklesnfirgun Renee x