Wearing: Jasmin Dowling Purse, Maypole Design Necklace, Backstage White Trousers

Hey hey, it’s holidays!

The school holidays are finally here and I am so excited! I get to see my family, my pup and most importantly my long lost wardrobe. Ahahah! No, but seriously. Ahah!! I can not wait to see what the holidays have in store for me, apart from homework!! If you have any ideas of what I should get up to, let me know! I was thinking a picnic, a backyard camp out and a little ‘Groovin the Mooaction. What do you think?

Now… On to the post! This is the third and final collaboration with the incredible Maypole Design!! Over the past weeks we have come together to bring to you 3 looks featuring 4 different necklaces from Maypole Designs.

This week we bring to you a classic look, with the most perfectly cut, white pair of trousers, a draped cami and Maypole Designs very own Harlo Three Tassel Necklace and the Sunday Copper Necklace. I love layering with these staple necklaces, knowing that they could go with absolutely anything, including your holiday get up!

Don’t forget to take a break these holidays, and have fun!

Renee xx





Wearing: Lola May Playsuit, Fallen Broken Street Sailor Cap, Maypole Design Necklace

Happy 3rd day of April!

I honestly can not believe how quickly the year is going! It is flying by, with the first school term almost coming to an end. Wooahh! It is crazy to think where this year has gone but so exciting to think where it is going. There is no way that I would have known that I would be doing this amazing collaboration at the start of this year. And what fun i

Anyway, welcome to ‘MAYPOLE X RENEENOTRENAE | no. 2’. We have another special one today, featuring Maypole’s Limited Edition ‘Ziggy Pom Pom Necklace’. I have absolutely fallen in love with this necklace! The denim details and pom poms can finish off any outfit perfectly. So, quickly jump over to Maypole Design before they run out!

Make sure to follow @maypoledesign on Instagram to keep updated on their amazing products!

Have a very fun week!

Renee xx






Wearing: Madison Square Clothing Top, Maypole Designs Necklace, Vans Shoes, Akelius Shorts

Here it is! The collaboration we have all been waiting for, MAYPOLE X RENEENOTRENAE.

How good are these necklaces from Maypole Design? Maisie, the owner of Maypole Designs, and I have come together to bring to you this exciting collaboration. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing more content as this is only part 1 of an exciting 3 part series.

First up, we have started with quite a summer-y little outfit featuring Maypole’s Harlo Three Tassel Necklace in Black. Paired back with the cutest top evaaa from Madison Square Clothing and some high waisted suede shorts. You can never go wrong with the minimalist style of this necklace. In my opinion, this necklace of Maypole’s can be matched with anything that you have in your wardrobe.

Check back over the next few weeks for more shoots on our collaboration! There is some good stuff coming. You’ll want to stick around!

(With a lazy casual day tomorrow, I can not wait to get up and  chuck my uggys on ahahah)

Have a good week! + get excited for too much chocolate over the easter weekend.

Renee x