After having the chance to interview the epic Bella Mamas from Bones Styling, I would love to share what she said with you guys!

Bella started her blog a few years back now, but has made huge progress whilst working and interacting with major influencers including @shelbyhamilton and @aishajade. With a unique style and a crazy cute Instagram, no wonder everyone is obsessing over her!


  • Tell us about yourself

Hello my name is Bella and I am 16 from Sydney. I love exercising and run every morning before school, yet cheesecake is still my biggest weakness. I am attracted to anything that is sparkly and colourful, hence the reason my wardrobe looks like rainbow vomit. I’m not a very exciting person, honestly as I write this I’m struggling to think of anything about myself. When I leave high school I would love to pursue a career in fashion journalism, and hopefully adding in some freelance styling! Also I’m really bad at card games!

  • Where can we find you online and on social media?

Tumblr: bonesblogger

Instagram: bella.mamas



  • What was the reason behind starting your blog?

At the time, I think I was 13, I was really struggling to fit in with my peers at school and I wanted to find a creative release that combined my love of writing and wacky clothes (I had some pretty strange pieces at the time). A few people at the time encouraged me to start my website, and after a while I gave it a go and I have really enjoyed it since

  • If you could go anywhere in the world (or galaxy!), where would it be?

Oh my, I think I would definitely to go into space if I had the option, but if I was keeping it to a more realistic location I would love to go to Japan, America, Cuba and back to Paris.

  • And if you had to pick one item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My gold sparkly skirt from Gorman xx

Bones Blogger.jpg

Thank you to Bella for taking part in this little series! Go check out her blog >>> Bones Styling. You sure won’t be disappointed!!!!!

Renee x




I am back with a little series, ‘APSIRE TO INSPIRE’. I will be talking to influential people on the blogging scene about themselves and their incredible blogs.

Nowadays there is so many amazing people doing great things on the web, including Chessie from Freshly Pickked. Chessie started her blog back in January of 2014. She has had amazing success with her Instagram and is currently returning from what looks like an incredible overseas adventure!


  • Tell us about yourself
    • My name is Chessie, I’m 17 years old and I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and an amateur youtuber! I’m a very creative person, where I find a lot of happiness in creating, designing or photographing things. I love sharing content on my Instagram ‘freshlypickked’ and of course I especially love sharing my style and lifestyle on my blog. I also am a keen horse rider and have the cutest horse named Albert 🙂
  • Where can we find you online?
    • I’ll write you a lil’ list to make it easy for you to find me :
      • Instagram – @freshlypickked
      • Blog –
      • YouTube – freshlypickked
      • Pinterest – freshlypickked
      • Facebook – freshly pickked
      • Snapchat – freshlypickked


  • What was the reason behind starting your blog?
    • Well I had my Instagram and wanted to start a space where I could share more images in the one post and be able to write more about them and so blogging seemed like the perfect thing for me to start doing. I also wanted to expand from Instagram and have a bigger platform to share my creative content.
  • If you could go any where in the world (or galaxy!), where would it be?
    • Oh my goodness, that is a hard one. I don’t think I’d want to go into the galaxy but I would quite like to go to Italy and to travel around Europe more!
  • And if you had to pick one item of clothing to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    • Black jeans. Their just a staple and go with every thing!
Freshly Pickked.jpg
A little glimpse into Freshly Pickked!!

A big thank you to Chessie from Freshly Pickked for chatting. Go check her blog out! I can not wait to see what she has install for the future!
Renee x